Phrasal Verbs

Publishe On : 11 May 2020

1.To set about - to begin

Set about your task without delay

2.Set off - cause to explode

I accidentally set off the alarm

3.Set up on - to attack usually with violence

The dogs set up on the prespassers

4.Set back - to delay or stop the progress of

Despite several setbacks we finished on schedule

5.To set down - to record

Its often a lot of work to set your thoughts down on paper

6.To set forth - to explain

Dr. Satheesh set forth his objections regarding the surgery

7.Set aside - to save for a particular purpose

He set aside some time every day to read to his children

8.To set in - to begin

The rain has set in

9.To set out /off - begin a journey

When setting out on a long walk , always wear suitable boots

10.To set up - to formally establish a new organization or company

Ashok plans to set up his own business

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