Information Technology

Publishe On : 18 February 2020
1.Which company developed ‘WINDOWS - Microsoft
2. Determining whether an Internet site is a commercial
(.com) or governmental (.gov) site helps determine its:
3. One Kilo byte = ..... bytes: 1024
4. The first modem was invented by -  Bell Company
5. The full form of C.D. - Compact Disk
6. The full form of ‘PDF”:-  Portable Document Formatting
7. The full form of IBM: - International Business Machines
8. The first key on the left hand side of the first row of
keyboard: Escape
9. The key which is used to move the cursor to the beginning
part of the matter - Home
10. The oldest devise for calculation -  Abacus
11. The domain name for government institutions  gov
12. The domain name for India -  in
13. A marker used to indicate where the next charecter will
be printed -  Cursor
14. Father of e-mail -  Ray Tomlinson
15. The brain of computer -  C.P.U.
16. The father of computer - Charles Babbage
17. The first computer game- Space War
18. The full form of U.P.S.  -  Uninterrupted Power Supply
19. The invention related to Jack Kilby -  Integrated Circuit
20. The most common input device now a days -  Keyboard
21. Which device is used to display graphics and information
on video screen -  Monitor
22. Which is the exact opposite of ‘space’ key -  Backspace
23. Who discovered ‘Mouse’ -  Douglas Engelbart
24. WWW stands for -  World Wide Web
25. Who discovered Calculator -  Blaise Pascal
26. The programs or instructions that tells the computer what
to do -  Software
27. The first electronic computer - ENIAC
28. ROM stands for -  Read Only Memory
29. The longest key of the key board -  Space bar
30. In the history of computer, the fifth generation was started
in -  1980
31. WINDOWS is a/an -  Opeating system
32. Which company developed WORD -  Microsoft
33. Laser Printer was first introduced by - IBM
34. All physical equipment and accessories of a system - 
35. The home page of a website is -  The first page
36. ‘DOS’ means -  Disk Operating System
37. The first personal computer -  The Altair
38. In the abbreviation ‘HTML’, the letter ‘M’ stands for: Markup
39. ‘Google’ is a: Search engine
40. Floppy Disk is usually located in —— drive -  A
41. A __ shares hardware, software and data among
authorised users -  Network
42. A device for converting digital data into sound signals
which can be transmitted over telephone wires -  Modem
43. A website address is a unique name that identifies a
specific __ on the web -  Website
44. An error is known as -  Bug
45. Antivirus software is an example of .......  -  A security utility
46. Compact Disk was invented by -  James T.Russel
47. Data going into the computer is called -  Input
48. In the abbreviation ‘KBPS’, the letter ‘S’ stands for - 
49. Periferal devices such as printers and monitors are
considered to be: Hardware

50. RAM stands for: Random Access Memor